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Robin Haller

July 13, 2017 – July 15, 2017

905 Harrison Street

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Robin Haller

Woven Shibori

Robin Haller specializes in digital design and weaving. She is an Associate Professor and the coordinator of the Textile Design Program at East Carolina University, School of Art and Design, in Greenville, NC. Robin’s weavings have been exhibited internationally and she has received multiple grants to pursue her research in digital design and weaving. Among other awards and recognition for her work, Robin has received the Best in Show Award in Complexity 2016, Illinois, and two-time Best of Show Award in Fiber Celebration, Colorado. She currently shares time between her hometown of Cleveland, Ohio, and Greenville, North Carolina

Traditional Shibori allows the artist to weave a controlled resist into a fabric prior to dyeing. Rows of running stitches are sewn into the woven fabric, then pulled tight and the fabric dyed. The folds in the cloth resist dye and the pattern is revealed upon removing the stiches and opening the cloth. With Woven Shibori, the fabric is woven on the loom and an additional pattern weft is woven into the cloth. Like the running stitches of Shibori, these pattern wefts are pulled tight and the folds in the cloth serve to resist dye and yield the resulting patterns. Students will learn to measure yard usage, read a weaving draft, and how to prepare a loom, along with immersion dyeing techniques.


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